Installation photograph showing works including those by Elizabeth Peyton, Snowdon and Christopher Wood.


Lithograph by Elizabeth Peyton; drawings by Christopher Wood, Patrick Procktor and Pavel Tchelitchew.


Works by Alessandro Raho and Patrick Procktor; two contact sheets by John Deakin; lithograph by Elizabeth Peyton; two photographs by Jack Pierson.


Facing wall: photograph by Cecil Beaton; painting by Patrick Procktor.


Left to right: Alessandro Raho; Patrick Procktor; John Deakin; Elizabeth Peyton.


Two photographs by Snowdon; canvas by Alessandro Raho.


Paintings by Alessandro Raho and Kaye Donachie.


Four works by Linder; canvas by Kaye Donachie; gouache by Keith Vaughan.


Two canvases by Robert Medley; gouache (left) by Keith Vaughan.


Works by Kaye Donachie, Cecil Beaton, Patrick Procktor, Keith Vaughan, Derek Jarman.


Two paintings by Derek Jarman alongside Snowdon's photograph of Rudolf Nureyev.


Painting by Alessandro Raho; photograph by Jack Pierson; painting by Alessandro Raho (partially visible through arch); photograph by Cecil Beaton; painting by Patrick Procktor.


Paintings by Silke Otto-Knapp and Alessandro Raho, with a photograph by Jack Pierson.


Left to right: painting by Derek Jarman; photograph by Snowdon; painting by Marc Camille Chaimowicz; painting by Silke Otto-Knapp.

Pure Romance

• A group show at The Redfern Gallery, London, 2nd February – 3rd March 2016. The photographs here were taken in the upper gallery space, and show only part of the whole exhibition, which was installed in both the upper and lower galleries.

The exhibition consisted of works by the following sixteen artists:

Cecil Beaton; Marc Camille Chaimowicz; John Deakin; Kaye Donachie; Derek Jarman; Linder; Robert Medley; Silke Otto-Knapp; Elizabeth Peyton; Jack Pierson; Patrick Procktor; Alessandro Raho; Snowdon; Pavel Tchelitchew; Keith Vaughan; Christopher Wood.

Show curated by Ian Massey.
Installation: Ian Massey, with invaluable assistance from Jamie Collins, and from Richard Selby & Paul Bower at The Redfern Gallery. Thanks also to Maya Laud at The Redfern Gallery.

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